Google 5 Star Review

Brenna V.H.

My personal experience with Closets By Design has been top notch. From the first meeting to the install every aspect has been like clock work. We had phone call updates, reminders, and follow through. Their manager and sales associate was able to work with our budget and needs and come up with a design that ultimately turned out to be the best. Their is no doubt that going this route is not cheap but for us when you consider that it is an investment, the safety knowing that it is installed properly especially with a 3 year old and a baby on the way, and that it gives us so much more room in the bedroom without having to put a dresser in there; honestly, it was a no brainer for us to decide to make this investment. I do need to point out that we did shop around.... We went to Home Depot, Lowe's, The Container Store (which also does custom design), and IKEA. These places do sell the melamine product but the quality is different and not as strong. In addition, all of these places except the Container Store offer custom but they have only 2-3 size options so if your dimensions are not a perfect size with their preset configurations then you wind up with dead space which is not usable. If you have a small space and want to use every inch I would recommend this. If your measurements work for the the other options go with that especially if you don't mind having to replace down the road since it is less expensive. Overall you get what you pay for and for us we are very very pleased.